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Traveling Safely During Winter In Northern Arizona

28 inches of snow and counting. That’s about how much snow they’ve gotten in Forest Lakes so far this winter. While many people are not at their homes/cabins in the winter, there are those that do venture out in the snow.

Are you ready to head out into the great white as well?

Tips to ensure safe travel in winter weather:

  1. Cell phone fully charged

  2. Blankets (1 per person)

  3. Food, this is a great time to splurge on calories - Nuts, Chocolate, something with protein

  4. Water, while you can melt snow to make water, having some at the ready helps.

  5. Cat litter - if you skid off the road, toss a bit under your tires for traction.

  6. Hand /foot warmers -sold at sporting goods stores.

  7. Boots, hats, gloves - it might be warm at home, but when you spend time in the snow it cools off really quickly.

  8. Shovel in the car - great if you need to shovel your way into the driveway

  9. Flares or flashlight with strobe - can be seen from a distance incase you slid off the road

  10. Matches and candles in a coffee can. You can put snow in the can and warm it to melt for more water. Never try to start a fire in the car.

  11. Patience - go slow. 5 miles under the speed limit can save your life.

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