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Spring is in the Air at the Pines

Many of us are getting ready to open our cabins or summer homes. Raking pine needles,

foraging rivers of snow melt and cleaning up what winter left in its wake.

Is it worth the time to do inspections?

Absolutely! Even if you live in your cabin most of the time and don’t close it up for the winter,

spring is an ideal time to have the systems inspected. After all the snow the Rim Country got

this year, many might not realize the impact that such a large amount of snow had on their


Check the gas line, power line, and internet. Does everything seem to be connected? You

wouldn’t want to light the pilot light and have an explosion. When in doubt, have a professional

come and check it out. This could be a handyman, home warranty service, or utility


Inspecting not only the lines that connect to the house, but anything under the cabin in the crawl

space might need checking as well.

Change the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors. Wash the windows. Power wash the

outside of the cabin. Inspect the roof and overhangs.

Our spring to-do list might be long, but once it’s done, we can enjoy the lake, the bonfires, OTV

trails, picnics, friends and family, and of course cooler temperatures for the next few months.

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