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Maintain Your Investment Over Winter

Happy Fall - as the leaves start to change and cabins close up for the winter, we want to share with you a few things to maintain your investments over the winter season.

  1. Firewise your property. Firewise is a program that is sponsored by the counties to reimburse homeowners a percentage of the cost for removing debris and trees from their property. By lessening the amount of foliage near your structures you can eliminate damage to the structure from fire, wind or snow damage. Last winter's snow did damage to even healthy trees which resulted in damaged roofs and downed power lines. You might even get a discount on your homeowners premium, so take before and after photos. Reach out to your local fire department for more information on Firewise.

  2. Start planning for improvements. It can take months to obtain permits for new construction, septic or even fences around your property. Get your ideas together, hire the contractors and apply for the permits so you’re ready to go when the snow melts. Some contractors can even work in the cooler months at a fraction of the cost. Consider doing some of your projects off season.

  3. Install 2 or more cameras on your property, not necessarily on the house. Consider a camera in a tree or on a shed. These are good for watching ALL kinds of activities. Snow falls, animal crossings, and even leaf color changing. Check on them at least 1x a week. Any damage can be taken care of before it gets worse.

  4. Wrap your exposed railings with tarps. This will help lessen damage.

  5. Take your boots and a snow shovel home with you. Even if the county or city plows the roads, you might need to remove the berm in front of your driveway to access the property.

  6. Empty the outdoor feeders and trash. Animals are looking for that last snack before settling down for the winter.

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